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  • Alice Perez

    Alice Perez

    Ing. De Sistemas | UX Designer + Partner en octoberstudio.com.do | Vicepresidenta de Mujeres TIC RD| UX Blogger aliceperez.com.do

  • Cammi Pham

    Cammi Pham

    Unlearner. Marketer. Partner @ Growth + eCommerce Marketing Agency @ThinkRenegade | Write www.cammipham.com hi@cammipham.com

  • Ironhack Berlin

    Ironhack Berlin

    A tech school in the heart of Berlin with courses in Web Development, Data Analytics & UX/UI Design. Read our student stories and more here.

  • Marcel Aragonès

    Marcel Aragonès

    Product Designer - UX/UI . http://www.marcelaragones.eu/

  • bestfolios.com


    Bestfolios is a gallery featuring the best portfolios and resumes from top UI/UX designers, graphic designers and motion designers.

  • UX Mastery

    UX Mastery

    Online tools, tips and training to help user experience designers get started and get better.

  • UX Connections

    UX Connections

    UX Connections is dedicated to knowledge-sharing for digital creatives, technologists and designers worldwide.

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